Start. Stop. Continue.

Now that the year is in full swing it’s a great time to make changes in how you operate your firm. If you know you want (or need) to make a change but have no idea where to start, I encourage you to sit down and answer these three simple, but smart, questions:


The things you should stop doing would be the things that do not produce value for your clients or enhance your business. These are things or tasks that won’t help you reach your goals. Or sometimes they are tasks that could be outsourced because you’re not great at them.

  • Tip: Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t do X, what could I do with that time in order to grow my business?”



This could be anything from starting to produce a new product, to develop a new service, or maybe starting a process to help you connect with customers. What can you put in place to improve your business, achieve goals, change behaviors, etc?

  • Tip: Many times I find that businesses don’t have a system in place to track, monitor, or keep in contact with their customers. This would be a great system to start.



Looking back over the last year what has worked well for you? These are things that will help you reach your goals. Or it could be a service that you’re great at, a system that works well for you, or an activity that makes you better than your competitors.

  • Tip: Growing a business is tough and slow. It’s important for you to recognize the things your are doing right instead of only focusing on the things that you are doing wrong.

Working through these three simple questions should give you lots of ideas for smart changes to help you grow. Once you know what you want to change, set goals and specific tasks to help you reach your goals.

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