Mid-Year Financial Checkup for your Law Firm

Summer is upon us.  You know what that means? Our year is halfway over. Now is the perfect time to review your financials, celebrate your wins, and readjust if needed.

Remember six months ago when you set your goals for the year?  Are you on track to reach them? Let’s look at where you can improve? Or if, you didn’t set goals, let’s think about what goals you want to set for the rest of the year.

When to Outsource Your Accounting

When to Outsource Your Accounting

Guess what gets pushed to the back? Accounting.

I see this a lot in business. The owner thinks “I’ll get to that later”, but there always seems to be something more important. Some immediate fire to put out. After a while it becomes a bigger project than you have time for so you continue to ignore it until it’s tax time or your banker needs a financial statement.