The Easiest Way to Start a Strategic Plan



Don’t Get Overwhelmed.

Overwhelm is the #1 reason I’ve seen businesses not have a strategic plan.  They don’t know where to start, so they don’t start at all.

I agree creating your first strategic plan can be a lot of work... but it doesn’t need to be.  Here’s how I get client’s headed in the right direction without getting too complex.


Create an Issues List.

Take 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, or 30 minutes with key team members, and make a list of all the things that aren’t going how you want right now.

Don’t worry if it’s too big or too small of an issue.  Write it down.

If you’re having a problem coming up with issues, you’re either kidding yourself, or you need to be more in tune with your team and your customers.  Think about:

  • Complaints you’ve had from customers

  • Reasons a prospect didn’t hire you

  • Why your employees aren’t getting their jobs done

  • How your employees could do a better job

  • Reasons employees have quit in the past

All of these areas will give you issues you need to work on.


Prioritize the Issues.

Take all of the issues from step one and prioritize them in the order that would give you the biggest impact.

What will move your business forward the most?  It doesn’t have to be in order of what will make you the most money right now, but think about what would reduce major headaches and bottlenecks.

You’ll likely find that as an issue is solved, it solves other issues on your list.


Focus on Your Top 3 for 90 Days

Now that you know your major issues, and you have them prioritized, focus on the top 3.

Meet with your team again and make an action plan for each issue.  Detail out what tasks need to get done to solve the issue. And be sure to attach a deadline date and someone who is responsible for each task.  Accountability is key!

Now take all of your tasks and map them over the next 90 days.  What needs to happen when and by who?

Over the next 90 days only work on these 3 issues.  Don’t get sidetracked and start working on a new project, new idea, or other shiny object.  Being strategic means saying no.


Focusing on very few issues is what will give you traction and make the needle move in your business.

If you need help, or want to fully jump into strategic planning, we’d love to help you and be a resource to your business.


 Joy Lizotte, CPA

Joy Lizotte, CPA

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