If I had a dollar for every time someone blamed their business results on the economy… I would probably have a couple hundred bucks. Have you ever used any of these excuses when discussing why your business isn’t where you want it to be?

–  “People just aren’t spending money.” –  “Consumers want the cheapest price.” –  “I just can’t compete with my competitors pricing.”

Well if you’ve said “People aren’t sending money” then you’ve never been to the mall, the movies, or tried to eat out on the weekend. Otherwise you would know people are spending money! Lots of it. They may not be spending it with you, but they’re spending it.

And if you’ve used either of the other two excuses then you have a different problem. You’re either targeting the wrong customers OR you’re not delivering enough value.

The {Right} customers will pay for value and if you aren’t delivering it to them someone else will.

If growing your business is something you’ve struggled with it may be time to bring in outside help (and lucky for you that’s what we do). A consultant can help you identify problem areas, brainstorm solutions, set goals, hold you accountable, and so much more.

Because… People Are Spending Money.