Have you stopped and asked yourself why your customers have chosen to work with you instead of a competitor? In the service industry I often hear that it is due to personality, charisma, or the like. Well, I hate to bust your bubble but it’s quite possible they’ll eventually meet someone else with a friendlier personality or amazing charisma and will jump ship. Instead of setting yourself apart on ‘personality’ I recommend setting yourself apart by creating experiences. Start this process with new prospects. Think about how your prospects currently feel when they contact you, and how you can offset, or change those feelings.

These 3 Steps will help you get started:

  1. Write down and number all steps of how a prospect becomes a customer (read your website, call your office, meeting #1, meeting #2… all the way until they would become a customer)
  2. Beside each step write how your prospect may be feeling.
  3. Thinking of what you wrote in #2 above, what touchpoints or interactions can you build into the system to offset those feelings?

Here’s a basic example of a prospect’s journey when hiring a service professional.


Although that is a very basic journey map, it’s a start. Journey maps are designed to help you think deeper, create happier customers, and therefore increase profits. We can help you design better business processes by using a much more detailed journey map.

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