Are you looking to grow your business? That can be anything from increasing your profits, adding another location, hiring new employees, buying a competitor, or growing a business to eventually sell.

If this is you, you need a Growth Plan

A GROWTH PLAN simply tells:

Where you currently are

Where you want to be

What needs to happen to get from where you are to where you want to be

How does growth planning work?

We have developed a Four Phase Process to work through. We determine what your current business situation is, start developing strategic parts, implement the plan, and then execute the plan.

First Phase

When we start the process, we spend a lot of time determining where your business currently is – we may talk to your customers, vendors, employees, etc., as well as review your business model, and financial picture. We dig deep into how you operate. During that process we learn valuable information – things we should start, stop, or continue doing.

Second Phase

Then we help you document your Mission, Vision, and Values. We’ve found than many businesses have skipped this during their startup days, but this is a critical area to get clear on. We help you define what your purpose is – what you’re trying to solve or provide to your customers, as well as your long and short term goals. We then work through the strategies you’re going to put into place to reach them.

Third Phase

During the third phase we break your long term goals into annual and quarterly priorities. We help you communicate these goals and responsibilities to your team members.

Fourth & Final Phase

And in the final phase we help you take all of that information and put it in place. We set a schedule for what should happen when and who is responsible to ensure that these strategies are being implemented so you can reach your overall goals. Then you and you team accountable are held accountable to the plan.

When working with me you can expect:

  • To clearly define your Mission, Vision, and Values (and why this is SO important)
  • To create a plan to reach your Vision (aka Goals)
  • To develop new strategies to grow your business
  • To learn how to communicate your plan to your employees and get them onboard
  • To implement and monitor a plan for growth

What makes me different?

I have the background of a traditional CPA. I have provided tax planning and accounting services to many different industries and clients, but have always been fascinated by the operations side of businesses and how they generated profits, so I decided to learn more about what made certain businesses more successful than others. I combined all of that knowledge to offer coaching and growth planning services.

Are you ready to change your business? We work with entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance, ready to change, and are willing to put in the work. If that’s you (we hope it is), let's set up a time to chat.