3 Month Package

Who this is for… If you want to be a better leader and you need someone to help you think bigger, work through the decision making process, bounce ideas off of, hold you accountable, or run a more efficient and profitable firm. We'll focus on:

PRIORITIZING : Helping you set and prioritize your goals and concentrate on what's most important

MINDSET : Helping you think bigger and better

OPERATIONS : Helping you streamline your business and scale to the next level

Starting to work together we will…

  • Spend time together determining what's working and what's not working in your firm. We'll prioritize the things you need to focus on and help you become a better owner and leader.

  • Spend time on a monthly coaching session. During this time we will work through your progress, tackle any roadblocks, and provide support for items that have come up in your business.

  • Provide unlimited support through email.