Questions to Ask Your CPA

Tax time is over and if you’re like most people, you probably don’t even want to think about your taxes right now, but now is the best time to start thinking strategically.

Working with a proactive CPA, instead of with someone who prepares your taxes and you discuss once or twice a year, can help you better understand your tax picture and overall financial situation, as well as provide insights on how to improve it.

The key to getting the most out of your time when working with a tax professional is to come prepared with the right questions. When we are implementing tax planning and tax strategies, here are a few questions that our best clients ask:

What Tax Deductions Am I Eligible For?

Deductions can help reduce your taxable income and save you money on your taxes. We can help you identify any deductions you might be eligible for based on your income, industry, and personal circumstances.

What’s The Best Way To Structure My Business?

Depending on your business goals, there may be different ways to structure your business that can impact your taxes. At Aligned CPA, we help our clients by completing an entity analysis which gives them the pros and cons of each entity type.  This allows us to work together to guide clients to the right fit. We take a holistic look at your needs, industry, income level, and other factors to help you make a decision.

How Can I Reduce My Tax Liability?

These are our favorite questions!  But, at the same time, there are so many factors that come into play.  We like to look at your income, expenses, and investments, and identify opportunities to optimize your tax situation, but we first want to understand your business and personal goals.  Our process ensures we align your financial goals with your tax strategies.

What’s My Financial Outlook For The Coming Year?

This is exactly why we require all new clients to be on a monthly care plan with us.  We do this because it allows us to see your full picture, make sure it’s accurate and timely updated.  We can use those financials to then make projections for your business and your taxes.  Our goal is to be informed and eliminate surprises.

How Can I Improve My Financial Situation?

In addition to providing insights on your taxes, we want our clients to thrive and reach their goals. By offering financial strategy, we are able to help you improve your overall situation, and ultimately reach your goals. This can involve creating a budget, reducing debt, forecasting, cash flow management and projections, strategic planning, and other CFO advisory services.  Our staff includes a CFO with more than 20 years experience.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Taxes?

The biggest mistake we see is really more about the client and their lack of understanding.  We get it, taxes are extremely complicated, but we always strive to make sure our clients understand what is reported on their tax return.  The technical mistakes we see are lack of rental expenses, health insurance reported incorrectly, and prospects not taking advantage of retirement planning strategies.

Can You Review My Past Tax Returns?

Yes, we can review your previous tax return to see if you were leaving money on the table.  Our tax roadmap process helps us to pinpoint areas of overstatement and areas to implement future tax plans.

As you can see, these are all very valuable questions. We love to help our clients understand their tax picture, as well as be informed and prepared for the future. Our clients enjoy working with a proactive firm that develops meaningful relationships, communicates often, and strives to make sure they are not overpaying in taxes.

Joy Lutz, CPA, CTP


I help our client’s keep more money in their pockets by implementing proactive tax strategies. I promise you, working with a CPA and Certified Tax Planner can be much more exciting than crunching numbers and reviewing last year’s taxes.