Are you ready to reach your goals?

When coaching new clients, I always ask if they have specific goals. Almost all say yes. When I ask if they are written almost all say no. Time and again I am amazed by this. It has been scientifically proven that you are more likely to achieve your goals if they are written. So why don’t most entrepreneurs write down their goals? Maybe they think they can remember them, or maybe they’ve just never been taught how to write effective goals.’


Write your goals down.
As mentioned above, you are more likely to complete a goal if it is written. I like to keep my goals on my whiteboard in front of my computer so I have to see them every day.

Break complicated goals down into smaller goals.
It is easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated by a big goal. I always have clients break their goals down into manageable action steps that will achieve the goal.

Always have SMART goals.
This is an acronym that breaks a goal into:

Specific- Be as exact about what you want to accomplish as possible.

Measurable- The goal should be written in a way to determine if it has been reached.

Actionable- Start your goal with an action.

Realistic- It must actually be a goal that you can achieve. It should be a goal that you work hard to achieve but not something that is unrealistic.

Time-bound- Be specific (and realistic) in when the goal should be completed.

Have an accountability partner.
Whether it’s with your team, a family member, or your coach, talk about your goals, why you have them, your progress, and what is holding you back.

Review your progress.
Take the time to review your progress on a weekly basis. This gives you a chance to see what else you need to do to accomplish your goal, as well as celebrating your successes towards the goal.


When you follow these simple tips you’ll see more success in your goal setting as well as goal accomplishments.

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Cessie Cothran, MBA

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