There is one thing that separates your business model from a well-oiled machine. No, it’s not marketing, or branding, or a dynamite product, or even customer service.

It’s one simple thing. Processes. More importantly, written processes.

If you want to…. Hire Grow Add new locations Scale Add Investors Sell your business

You need written processes.

When you started your business you developed processes, even if you didn’t realize it or have them written. It worked for you. You were doing all of the work- handling customers, ordering supplies, making sales, etc. You didn’t see the need for writing down the steps you were taking. But what happens when you add employee Number 1? Number 2? At that point, each person is handling your business the way they think it should be handled, not the way you want it handled.

As you see, the problems start when you add employees. Employees need guidance and processes to follow. They need instructions on how you want them to communicate and represent your business. And since your processes are stored in your head, your employees will be lacking that guidance.

How will having processes make you more profitable? Reduces redundancies Makes hiring easier and faster Makes training easier and faster Employees can be proactive Creates culture Every team member has the right information Employees learn to problem solve without you Business can operate without you (helloooo vacation)

That list should be enough to get you writing!

Documenting and organizing processes can be tedious unless there’s a system in place. If you feel lost but know this is the next step for your business, reach out and we can help you turn your business into a well-oiled machine.