A CPA Firm for Solo and Small Law Firms


Do you have...

» Worry about your trust accounting and IOLTA requirements?

» Fears that you are paying too much in taxes?

» Trouble understanding your bookkeeping system and why it’s important?

» A paper-based accounting system?

» No idea how much money your making?

» Employees that aren’t consistent in their job?

» Difficulty making hard decisions about spending?

How we can help...

» Give you peace of mind that it’s done correctly.

» Provide a tax assessment to see where you can save money.

» Learn what your legal accounting information really means and where to find huge insights.

» Move to a cloud-based system that’s always up-to-date.

» Track your accounting and explain your financial reports.

» Systematize your law firm so it can run more efficiently.

» Get a clear plan to achieve your income and growth goals.

Aligned CPA


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Tax preparation & planning

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advisory services

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there is NO "one-size fits all"
solution FOR law firm Accounting

When running a law firm, you need to spend your time working on activities that will make you more money, not paperwork and administrative duties!

You need to have financial information at your fingertips.  Information you can rely on and make decisions from. Imagine having someone on your team with the expert knowledge of law firm accounting and financial information without the cost of a full-time professional.

You also have strict trust accounting rules that must be followed to a “T”. We can help you maintain accurate trust accounting reports.

You need someone to provide reliable financial information, develop better accounting systems, maintain your trust accounting, and support your firm.

HOW we can help youR LAW FIRM

  • ACCOUNTING SYSTEM. We can develop and implement an accounting system for your law firm for you to maintain in-house. We can also support you with Quarterly oversight to ensure your bookkeeping is done correctly.

  • BOOKKEEPING. We record and reconcile your bank transactions, maintain your QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting file, and prepare financial reports for you on an ongoing basis.

  • BILL PAY. We can set you up on a paperless, online bill pay system that will allow you to approve the bills coming through your office without having to manually send payments.

  • IOLTA TRUST ACCOUNTING. We prepare a 3-way trust reconciliation to confirm compliance with the state bar rules and regulations.

  • FINANCIAL SCORECARDS. We can develop a scorecard specific to your firm to track metrics that can help reach your firm goals.

Our clients find that it is not only more affordable, but also more accurate, to outsource their law firm accounting to us rather than hire, manage, train, and oversee internal staff.

When working with us you can expect

  • To work with law firm accounting experts

  • To have a customized accounting system that meets your needs

  • To have up to date financial information at your finger tips

  • To understand more about what your numbers mean and how to improve them

How does outsourced accounting work?

When we start the accounting process, we help you determine what type of system is best for you and your law firm. That could be the system you’re already using or a new system you’ve never heard of! Either way, it will be a cloud based and paperless system that you can access anywhere, anytime to have the information at your fingertips.

Are you ready to change your law firm accounting?


When running a law firm you face challenges every day. Worrying about the IRS should not be one of them.


We help our law firm clients stay compliant with governmental agencies, plan for year-end tax savings, and advise on tax strategies so you are taking the tax deductions you are entitled to.

tax preparation and planning
services for law firms

  • Federal and state income tax preparation for Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, and law firm owners

  • Mid-year and end of year tax projections

  • Implementing tax strategies for law firms

  • Entity selection and other business planning services

We provide personalized services
to each of our clients

When we begin to work together we go through a thorough Law Firm Assessment to determine areas you can start saving in, improvements you can make, and tax deductions you are not taking advantage of.

This assessment will provide the opportunity for you to save money once implemented.

We are available to you year round for you questions, concerns, and other matters that may come up throughout the year. We are your partner and value your success.




law firm advisory services

We help solo and small law firms operate more profitable firms. How do we do that? We provide you with the advice, support, and information you need to make better decisions, set goals, and take action.

Our services are personalized to your law firm’s needs.

Advisory Services include:

  • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. We help you determine the bottleneck issues in your law firm and provide a solution which will allow you to scale your law firm, hire staff, and provide consistent, reliable results for your clients

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING. We help you determine your goals and align your actions for success

  • COACHING. We help you work through mindset issues, make quicker decisions, and become a better leader for your team

  • CONSULTING. We guide you with practical information on financial decisions, budgeting, succession planning, and firm improvement services

Our goal is to help you reach your firm’s vision. We do that by helping you understand financial matters and helping you make the decisions that will reach your vision.

Running a law firm can be hard. You don’t have to do it alone.