Growth is enhanced by focus. Often business owners will focus on many things at a time and then feel as if they are accomplishing very little.  If you will focus on ONE issue at a time you will have more traction in your business, which will cause change and spur growth.

Here’s how to immediately see progress:

  • Take 1-3 minutes and identify the biggest bottleneck in your business

  • Take 5-10 minutes and brainstorm solutions to this issue

  • Implement the solution

To take this a step farther, determine if this is a people issue or a systems issue?
:: If you have great Systems, but your people aren’t following them, it’s a People issue
:: If you have great People, but no written process to follow, it’s a Systems issue
:: If you have bad systems and bad people, it’s a Management issue

Once that bottleneck is identified and solved, move on to the next biggest bottleneck.

Identifying and solving one issue at a time will allow you to see change immediately.  This change will create momentum and traction.