How CrossFit and Running a Business Are Alike

On my way to my CrossFit Box (aka “gym”) this morning it occurred to me how similar CrossFit is to running a business.

Dedication & Focus To get results, working out takes dedication and focus. I am not a morning person (and when I say I’m not a morning person, I really mean to say I hate mornings)! But I am dedicated to becoming physically fit so I get out of bed most mornings at 5 am to head to CrossFit.  I love the results I get from being dedicated. The same goes for results in your business. You must be dedicated to your vision, your people, and your customers. Without dedication you may get results, but it won’t be the best results. The same goes for focus. You must focus on the end goal, whether that’s losing weight or making a million dollars.

Community CrossFit is all about the community and building a tribe.  When you don’t show they get concerned.  When you’re sick they call.  When you’re slacking they encourage.  They are family. The entire CrossFit organization inspires that community. Once you join a Box you become their family. This is the same feeling I have when I onboard a new client. They become family. I want to encourage them, inspire them, lift them up, and help them succeed.

Constant Learning CrossFit believes in teaching you about your body and what you put in it. I’ve learned how to stretch, what muscles I’m working, how to work certain areas, what to eat, what NOT to eat, why water’s important, what vitamins I need, and lots of other things. Almost every time I step into the Box I learn something new. This helps me be a better athlete. As a business owner I have realized if I want to be a valuable asset to my customers I must constantly be learning. Sometimes I’m learning new things and other times I’m refreshing up on old topics. Either way I am challenging myself to learn, and be the best I can be in my business.