Do you know how many books, webinars, and tools there are in the market to help you with Time Management? I don’t know exactly but I’d assume there’s hundreds of thousands, and here’s why I think you’re wasting your money buying them. (Sidenote… this comes from the brilliance of my business coach, Todd Herman)

You can’t manage time. It’s a finite number. Everyone on this planet will get 24 hours in every single day. Period.

What you can do is prioritize your time. You can manage the right ACTIVITIES at the right time. If you are working 8 hours a day, what is the best use of that time? What is the most valuable use? What activities can you do that will grow your business?

The goal is to only be doing the activities that bring the highest value to your business. Outsource everything else. I want to challenge you this week. As you’re going through your work week track everything that you are doing. Beside every activity write a dollar amount of what that brings to your business, or what it could potentially bring. After doing this for a week review your activities. What are you doing that you can assign to someone else? Are you using your time at the highest and best use?

Manage the activities, not the time. That, simply, is what time management is.